The ICPD Mentoring Portal is a user generated online tool designed to enhance the learning experiences and track the career development of current and former participants of the Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program.

Recruiters and other representatives from companies in industry can share research and career opportunities and gain access to diverse talent.  Members of the portal can network with each other and share knowledge about scientific careers and training opportunities using discussion forums, personalized blogs and other online resources.

SMDP Scholars and Mentors receive customizable profiles featuring their contact information, biographies, photos, research interests, web links to web pages/documents and more.  The Mentoring Portal also tracks important information about career development and the impact of the Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program in terms of career outcomes for the Scholars.

Scholars and Mentors manage the content on their own profiles and can also periodically report on their professional development using built in blog entries and other features.  They can search for other portal members, add comments to their pages, send messages and they have access to basic stats.

To encourage use of the Mentoring Portal, all current and former participants of the Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program receive periodic electronic updates and information about the Mentoring Portal.

The Mentoring Portal uses a proprietary database.  Its content has been successfully customized to support mentoring programs and enhancements for improved functionality are currently being made.


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